What Is Happening to the Planet?

Source: A Reflection of Goodwill taken from the book “Jesus, o Profeta Divino” [Jesus, the Divine Prophet]. | Updated in November 2018.

What is happening to the planet Earth?

Remember that everything is faster now. You can hear about and watch in real time the spread of deserts where there used to be abundant forests, to the point that the United Nations dedicated the years 2010 to 2020 to fight desertification; drought in places where this never used to occur. But people insist on saying improper things about the Apocalypse, as if it were to blame for everything.

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Are the sheets of paper on which the Bible’s prophecies are printed causing such catastrophes, by any chance, or is it our militant stupidity and endless greed?

Tela: Pedro de Orrente (1580-1645)


Stop a little and think; stop speaking ill of the Final Prophecies, because it is not the visions of John the Evangelist and Prophet that trigger these facts; they only announce them. Only a friend warns a friend. Those who just pretend to be friendly do not have the courage to tell the truth. They just want to be on good terms with the person they say they love—and there is nothing worse than false love; that is the height of malevolence. I am not just referring to the feeling between couples, but among creatures, above all the one that distinguishes perfect human, social, philosophical, political, scientific, and religious relationships.

We have lived for centuries trying to make Mother Earth succumb, by taking her life away little by little. We just must never forget that such an attitude will completely backfire on us. Humanly we are also Nature.


So, why the surprise with Christ’s discourse in His Gospel according to Matthew 24: 15-28 about the “Great Distress, unequaled from the beginning of the world until now—and never to be equaled again?” We ourselves are helping to set it up!

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Jonas Rezende

Brazilian Pastor Jonas Rezende* also in his book O Apocalipse de Simão Cireneu [The Apocalypse of Simon of Cyrene] refers to this historical distortion:

“The Final Judgment might happen, not by divine will, but as an event that is inevitable, as it was always understood from the Scriptures, but because of the predatory actions of man himself.”

The prophecy found in the holy books of various religions

It is essential to emphasize the remarkable presence of prophetic symbology that runs right through the oldest traditions. It is not just in the Bible (Old and New Testaments) that we identify divine warnings. They are also found on the pages of holy books from various religions on Earth.

*Jonas Rezende – (1935-2017)

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