The Heart of Those Who Persevere in Jesus

Source: JESUS IS ARRIVING! magazine #160, June 2022.


The Divine Solidarity

São Paulo/SP, Brazil, South America.
Thursday, October 15, 1987, 4:37 AM.

My dear Legionary Brothers and Sisters of the Good Will of God, Christians of the New Commandment, Friends of Jesus,*1 spiritual children of my heart,

God Is Present!
Jesus Is Arriving!

I embrace everyone with the sublime feeling of the New Commandment of Christ: “Love one another, as I have loved you. Only by this shall all of you be recognized as my disciples” (Good News according to John 13:34 and 35), the Law of Universal Solidarity. 

I also greet you with the Love of the Religion of God, of the Christ, and of the Holy Spirit, which, by the Supreme Mercy that rules the worlds, only allows us—for our own glory—to walk toward the shelter of the Savior of the humble. May such an extraordinary destination be praised!

In the heroic Organizations of God’s Good Will, let us do Good and ask the Heavenly Father to enlighten, illuminate, and bless us always.

Every good action we do is Light, ridding us of the terrible night that is approaching humanity.

The Order of Christ to everyone is: understanding, union, and perseverance in the Fraternal Ideal of Good. This is the advice He Himself gives the hard-working faithful of the Church in Philadelphia (Apocalypse 3:10-13):

The Letter of Jesus to the Church in Philadelphia

10 Since you have kept my command to persevere, I will also keep you from the hour of trial that is going to come on the whole world to test the inhabitants of the Earth.
11 Behold, I am coming back soon. Hold on to what you have, so that no one will take your crown.
12 The one who is victorious I will make a pillar in the Temple of my God. Never again will they leave it. I will write on them the name of my God and the name of the city of my God, the New Jerusalem, which is coming down out of Heaven from my God; and I will also write on them my New Name.
13 Whoever has ears, let them hear what the Spirit says to the Churches of the Lord.

Great victories are coming to the Blessed Houses of God, the Good Will Organizations!*2

With my heart overflowing with Fraternal Love for you all, I let these words escape from my Soul, begging Our Lord Jesus Christ that they bring you all the Good I wish for you. Even when I warn you most vehemently, you can rest assured that I say nothing to you or do anything to you that is not guided by an ardent Love for you. Life is worthless if it is not loved with the Love that we ignite in the innermost spiritual essence of each one of us—society.

My dear spiritual children, the Religion of the Third Millennium is God’s. It really comes from God. And it deserves our greatest devotion, admiration, and respect, because it preaches that every God’s creature is God in the creature.

It reproduces in the microcosm—the Earth—the Law of the Heavenly Father, which unites the sublime Planetary Christs*3 in the Macrocosm—the Universethe Divine Solidarity! It embodies here what is common there.

That is why when I am among you, I never tire of talking to you about the Universal Law of God, which holds together in Eternal Life all the celestial bodies, which form the billions of billions of galaxies, which shelter the visible and invisible humanities: this is the Divine Solidarity! It is the Love of the New Commandment of Jesus. I repeat: 

Love one another, as I have loved you. Only by this shall all of you be recognized as my disciples. . . . There is no greater Love than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.” (The Gospel according to John 13:34 and 35 and 15:13)

This is such a powerful feeling that the true Christians of the New Commandment of Jesus, through it, have remained cohesive for two millennia, even if anonymously, finding in Apostle Peter the greatest figure of reconciliation.

The Supreme Order of the Wise Professor has made civilization, at least what we are seeing as such, miraculously survive its worst times of madness. This Rule of the Heavenly Government goes far beyond anything we can assume. It has us love with the Love of God and it also consolidates in the hearts of human beings the secret of civilization that does not oppress individuals, peoples, or nations; in other words, Reciprocity:

Whatever you wish that others would do to you, do also to them.” (The Gospel according to Matthew 7:12)

The Spiritual Infrastructure

The misfortune of many of the world’s legislators is that they do not know that in order to be perfect and eternal, the Law must be written with the ink of God’s Generosity in the Soul of every citizen. What they do is nothing more than drive people to their collective death because of such spiritual ignorance.

God is so generous that He created the Universe; more than that, He created Universes so that we can live in them. He also offers us the conditions we need to enjoy their incomparable blessings as we continuously evolve.

Legionnaires of God, Christians of the New Commandment, Friends of Jesus! All the Mighty Power that illuminates, frees, and drives Creation is at the service of small human beings, who, even though they may be kings or queens of their own destiny, have unfortunately still preferred to be slaves.

Know that all this Divine Power is also available to the Religion of God, of the Christ, and of the Holy Spirit. But it is necessary that, from the depths of your Soul and through your work, you aim for it to act on you and through you for the benefit of humanity.

The Divine Prophet never uttered words in vain. He stated:

“You did not choose me; on the contrary, I chose you and appointed you so that you should go and bear good fruit, and that your fruit should remain, so that whatever you ask the Father in my name He may give to you.” (The Gospel according to John 15:16)

Do you know how to ask?

The time has come for you to show that you do.

The entire Spiritual Infrastructure of the Religion of the Third Millennium is in place. With the New Commandment of the Divine Lord, you can build anything on it in a magnificent fashion.

Spiritually, you are the richest beings in the world, and so you are also the richest materially, because you do not waste time hoarding the wealth that the wind of History will consume. It is the Wise Man of the Millennia who warns you:

Store up for yourselves treasures in Heaven, where moths and vermin do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”

Jesus (Matthew 6:20 and 21)

How many of you have not yet realized this incomparable treasure in all its magnitude? . . . But soon it will be impossible for you not to see and recognize this flagrant fact for your own happiness. You are happy compared to what is happening on Earth; and not just to what is happening far away from you, beyond our borders, but also happening near you.

The Wisest Direction of Spiritual Government

Spiritual Friends always yearn to help you. Do not neglect them. They form the Religion of God, of the Christ, and of the Holy Spirit from Above, from the Highest, from the Sublime Realms, where we find the Supreme Conductor of our lives, Jesus! They are alive, and very much alive, working and cheering for the success of God’s Work in the world. The late Brother Alziro Zarur (1914-1979), the noble Proclaimer of the Divine Religion, and Spirits of the lineage of Dr. Bezerra de Menezes, Emmanuel, Meimei, André Luiz, Scheilla, Eurípedes Barsanulfo, Osmar Carvalho e Silva, Nair Torres, Joaquim Evilásio Coelho, and so many others are attentive to our destiny, expecting Good Will from us.

Our planet and all celestial orbs have a government—a strong Spiritual Government, yet tolerant and compassionate. We all find ourselves under its Wisest Direction. It, which is so high, directs our evolution. Nothing loses and nothing is lost.

Our Ruler is Jesus

The Religion of Universal Love, a Divine Creation, is the responsibility of Spiritual representatives who, following the orders of the Ecumenical Christ, the Sublime Statesman, lead the Earth.

Do your part, Legionnaires of Good Will, Christians of the New Commandment, Friends of Jesus! Honor your commitment, Ecumenical Youth and Little Soldiers of God, of the LGW, and the four Archangels—Gabriel, Michael, Raphael, and Phanuel—will sing your glory on that extraordinary Day of Jesus' Triumphal Return!

The Divine Guest is arriving! He promised He would return in His Good News according to the notes of John 14:18:

“I will not leave you orphans; I will come back to you!”

So, He is coming back!

Jesus, the Sun, drives away the darkness

The dawn breaks.

Light drives away the darkness.

A new day arises.

Human beings get up to go to work. Progress marches on.

May it be so eternally in the Good Will Organizations: The Light of Christ, which no creature is capable of extinguishing, does not allow the darkness of spiritual ignorance to advance. And this victory depends more on us than on Him. It depends on the merit we create through our own efforts in the cause of Eternal Good, which is God Himself, who was revealed by Jesus as Love (First Epistle of John 4:8).

Legionnaires of Good Will, Soldiers of God!

A dark night is announced over the Earth. It is just that human beings have sought in every way to dim the light that shines within them.

In the LGW and the Divine Religion, there is a Star that never goes out: it is the Sun of Charity—Jesus!

You must never forget, especially all those of you who have administrative responsibilities now and will have in the future, that the solution to our problems, including the struggle for the financial resources that are so necessary for materially supporting those in need, is found in the Spiritual World, from where Jesus rules us. Earth’s government begins in Heaven. He said in His Gospel according to Matthew 6:33:

“Seek first God’s Kingdom and His Righteousness, and all material things [therefore, human and social] will be given to you as well.”

As you come together to resolve material challenges, remember this, because it was Christ Himself who taught us:

“Ask and it will be given to you by God. God is not indifferent to the death of a sparrow. Which of you fathers, if your son asks for a bread, will give him a stone instead? Or if he asks for a fish, will give him a serpent? If you then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in Heaven give the Holy Spirit to those who ask Him!” (The Gospel according to Matthew 7:7, 10:29, and 7:9-11)

It was no coincidence that on January 5, 1975, in São Paulo (Brazil), Brother Zarur, after leaving us in suspense, revealed the Perfect Formula of the Sublime Provider in the Seventeenth Biblical Key to the Triumphal Return of Christ:

There is a perfect formula for solving the great problems of heads of State, in the science of governing the people. But it cannot be given to dogs or pigs, since they would immediately corrupt it, and try to subject it to their beastly instincts. It will soon be given to Brazil. Then, indeed, will it be known throughout the world, but in such a way as to subject all kings, emperors, dictators, presidents, governors, and heads of this kingdom of Satan to its power. I repeat: It is a Perfect Formula, but it is so simple that, in the eyes of ‘practical men’ it will seem like utopia. On the contrary: It is the Formula of Jesus! Therefore, the essence is .................”

He completed the dotted lines on that date, adding:

Therefore, write down on the dotted line of my book: The essence is precisely the victory of the New Commandment of Jesus with the union of humanity from below and Humanity from Above.”

Always pray and watch

That is it. But this also means you must never stop working for the Conscious Union of the Two Humanities. Faith strengthens us, but work fulfills us, hence the Accomplishing Faith.*4

Jesus rules us and exhorts us to be watchful:

“Be on guard, watch and pray; for you do not know when the time of the Final Judgment will come.” (The Gospel according to Mark 13:33)

I appeal to Him, my Lord, in the hours of agony, and I have never received contempt as an answer from Him. On the contrary! But we need to know how to understand and accept His Sacred Will, which is infinitely wiser, and therefore more practical than ours.

Whoever trusts in Jesus does not waste time, because He is the Great Friend who never abandons a friend along the way!

A sublime example of humility

With my thoughts turned to God, whose Face is Love,*5 I respectfully kiss your hands and wash your feet, as Our Lord did with His Apostles (The Gospel according to John 13:1-11), so that you will do the same among yourselves, as a Solidary, Altruistic, and Ecumenical Society, just like the society of Planetary Christs is—the best model to be followed.

This will make you vigorous, because the Houses that shelter you are strong and generous—the LGW and the Religion of God, of the Christ, and of the Holy Spirit: Mothers and Masters of your own destiny.

Follow their examples and, in the near future, you—according to your merits—will know no more pain. So I repeat, “watch and pray” (The Gospel according to Matthew 26:41). That is, Pray and Work, because, as people wisely say, “an idle brain is Satan's workshop.

Asking the Heavenly Shepherd for permission to bless you, I do so with the humility of a God’s Worker.

I love you, with the purity and strength of my Soul.

Onward, everyone, and onward with Christ!

Safe we are in the Divine Safety of the safe hands of Jesus!

The late Proclaimer of the Religion of God, of the Christ, and of the Holy Spirit and Founder of the LGW wisely said:

There is no safety without God;”


Under all circumstances, immediately think of Jesus!”

Let us combine our experiences. Let us not fear the growth of our Brothers and Sisters, for the success of one is the success of everyone. Nobody is greater than anybody else. We are all children of the Religion of Universal Love. It is, indeed, made greater because it represents in practice the principles of the New Commandment of the Lord of Peace. And because we are its children, let us permanently dedicate ourselves to doing Good.

Brother Zarur has taught us:

We are all equal before God. Work makes us different.”

It really does, because anyone who wants to succeed should work and cultivate courageous humility in all their actions—the humility that survives the stings of pain because it reveals the eternal values of human beings. In fact, the lesson comes to us from the Heavenly Educator through His Holy Gospel according to Mark 9:33-37:

The Greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven

33 Then Jesus and His disciples came to Capernaum. And when He was in the house He asked them, “What were you discussing on the way?”
34 But they kept silent, for on the way they had argued with one another about who was the greatest.
Then Jesus sat down and called the twelve. And He said to them, “If anyone would be first, he must be last of all and servant of all.”
36 And He took a child and put him in the midst of them. And taking him in His arms, He said to them,
37 “Whoever receives one such child in my name receives me, and whoever receives me, receives not me but the Father who sent me.”

And here is another warning and, at the same time, the comfort of the Words of the Divine Master, as analyzed by Zarur in his explanation of the last book of the Holy Bible:

Studying the Apocalypse is fascinating. This is the book that tells us about the Return of Jesus. Its message is extraordinary, as we see in this admirable passage from Jesus' Letter to the Church in Smyrna: “Be faithful unto death, and I will give you the Crown of Life” (The Apocalypse of Jesus 2:10).

This is a warning to every Christian of the New Commandment and to every Legionnaire of God’s Good Will. Those who have joined the LGW have made a commitment to Jesus: They are Soldiers of Jesus, Legionnaires of Jesus. This verse goes out to them, to each of these Legionnaires, Be faithful unto death, and I will give you the Crown of Life.

May the Peace of God be with all Christians of the New Commandment and real Legionnaires! And Jesus Lives!

My Friends, Brothers, and Sisters, Jesus has spoken, so be it!

Our horizon is Jesus!

Let us not belittle the Heavenly Greatness of the Divine Religion with our human smallness. Let us eliminate our weaknesses by raising ourselves up to its Spiritual Magnitude, because our horizon is Jesus!

The order of Christ, as I have already told you, is understanding, because great victories are coming to the Religion of the Third Millennium.

Always go forward, then, Legionary Youth and Pre-Youth Movement, LGW’s Little Soldiers of God, Legionnaires of Good Will, and Christians of the New Commandment of Jesus. Go on without fear, because those who fear God do not fear men.

Go and persevere, because God Is Present! And Jesus Lives in Our Hearts Forever!

Fraternally, the one who loves you,
José de Paiva Netto
Servant of the Friends of God

*1 Paiva Netto’s note: Christians of the New Commandment, Friends of Jesus — We remind the readers that Christians of the New Commandment is the designation our late Brother Alziro Zarur (1914-1979) gave to the followers of the Religion of God, of the Christ, and of the Holy Spirit to which I have added “Friends of Jesus.”

*2 Good Will Organizations — They comprise the Legion of Good Will (LGW); the Religion of God, of the Christ, and of the Holy Spirit; the José de Paiva Netto Foundation; the Good Will Foundation; and the Good Will Educational Association.

*3 Paiva Netto’s note: Planetary Christs — In his remarkable radio program Jesus Is Returning!, the late Proclaimer of the Divine Religion, Alziro Zarur (1914-1979), revealed: “Jesus, as He Himself declares, has all the power on Earth and in Heaven. There is also this tiny detail: It is not the Heaven of the Universe! No. It is the Heaven of this planet; it is the highest part of this world, because in other worlds there is another Christ, and another, and another . . . It is the Community of Planetary Christs, because each planet has its own Heaven . . . . ”

*4 Accomplishing Faith — Following Jesus’ example, it is the faith that encourages the practice of Good Deeds and is opposed to idle, egoistic faith.

*5 “The Face of God is Love” — This quote by Paiva Netto came about as a result of a question he was asked by the famous Brazilian writer and columnist Cassandra Rios (1932-2002) about what, in his opinion, God’s Face would look like. He promptly replied, “'God is Spirit,' Jesus revealed. Before being seen, He is to be experienced in our innermost human being as Love! The Face of the Supreme Creator can only be identified in the Soul of His creatures: 'Love one another, as I have loved you. There is no greater Love than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends,’ as Christ has taught. That is the Face of God: the more we love, the more He manifests Himself in us.”

José de Paiva Netto is a writer, journalist, radio broadcaster, composer, and poet. He is the President of the Legion of Good Will (LGW), effective member of the Brazilian Press Association (ABI) and of the Brazilian International Press Association (ABI-Inter). Affiliated to the National Federation of Journalists (FENAJ), the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ), the Union of Professional Journalists of the State of Rio de Janeiro, the Union of Writers of Rio de Janeiro, the Union of Radio Broadcasters of Rio de Janeiro, and the Brazilian Union of Composers (UBC). He is also a member of the Academy of Letters of Central Brazil. He is an author of international reference in the concept and defense of the cause of Ecumenical Citizenship and Spirituality which, according to him, constitute “the cradle of the most generous values that are born of the Soul, the dwelling of the emotions and of the reasoning enlightened by intuition, the atmosphere that embraces everything that transcends the ordinary field of matter and comes from the elevated human sensitivity, such as Truth, Justice, Mercy, Ethics, Honesty, Generosity, and Fraternal Love.”