Sparkling Star of the Maternal Spirit

A tribute to all the mothers of biological and/or adoptive children and the mothers of Good Deeds, whether on Earth or in Heaven.

Source: A Reflection of Goodwill taken from the book "Hope Never Dies" (2021).

“The Angel went to the Holy Mary and said, ‘Greetings, you who are highly favored! The Lord is with you. Blessed are you among women [And Elizabeth reiterates,] and blessed is the child you will bear [Jesus]!’”
(The Gospel according to Luke 1:28 and 42)

My Friends, Brothers, and Sisters, maternity is the sun that never stops shining. Therefore, I beg Holy Mary, the Divine Mother of Jesus, Sparkling Star of the Maternal Spirit, to bring the sublime comfort of her charitable Soul to human hearts. It is the universal sheltering that illuminates the elevated concept of family, which must be our guiding rule.

Tela: Bartolomé Esteban Perez Murillo (1617-1720)

To your Most Loving Heart, Mother of all unfortunate mothers, I here dedicate a chant in poem form by the unforgettable Portuguese poet Antero de Quental (1842-1891), psychographed by Chico Xavier (1910-2002). How many times did the late Proclaimer of the Religion of God, of the Christ, and of the Holy Spirit, Alziro Zarur (1914-1979), so eloquently recite it in the Hail Mary Prayer. We have kept this jewel on the air, on the Good Will Super Communications Network (radio, TV, and the Internet), throughout decades for the comfort of Souls:

The Queen of Heaven

Eminent and most serene Lady,
All Kindness and Delicacy,
Spreading the fluids of Clemency,
Along lily white pathways painted rosy! . . .

Protect those who yearn, struggle, and cry,
In the bitter labyrinth of existence.
Be our divine providence
And our protection always standing by.

Oh Tutor Angel of Humanity!
Shedding happiness and clarity
On a world of darkness and moaning;

Thy love, filling the unlimited skies,
The light for the sad, exiled eyes,
The Hope for the poor in suffering! . . .

A Mother’s Heart Does Not Flee From Her Child’s Pain

Words will never be lacking when it comes to paying tribute to the Most Holy Mary, the Mother of Jesus, the Universal Mother of Christianity, Cosmic Mother of Humanity, for all the abnegation of her Spirit from the moment of the heavenly announcement of the Angel Gabriel, when the servant of God received the news that her womb would be the shelter of light for the Savior of all People (the Gospel according to Luke 1:26 to 38). Because she strongly believed in His Power and His Authority, she encouraged Him to perform His first miracle at the wedding in Cana (the Gospel according to John 2:1 to 11). She saw the divine feats of Master Jesus grow and, good mother that she was and proud of the marvelous things she witnessed, 

“She treasured all these things in her heart.” 
Jesus (Luke 2:51)

At the crucial moment of the Sublime Christic Mission, she courageously endured alongside her Beloved Son the indescribable martyrdom He experienced.

The Courage of Women

Women! Synonym for fortress, fearlessness, and compassion . . . That certainly explains why Jesus counted on the extraordinary support of countless heroines, such as Mary, called Magdalene, Joanna, wife of Chuza, Susanna, Martha and Mary, sisters of Lazarus, who was raised by the Sublime Friend, in addition to so many other women the Gospel keeps no record of, but whom the Spirit of God immortalizes. All of them courageously kept Holy Mary company at the crucifixion, whereas the men, except for John the Evangelist, were scared, in hiding. Later, they redeemed themselves. By the way, at the Golgotha tragic hour, the women were the ones to stand by the Divine Resurrected:

“Near the cross of Jesus stood His Mother, His mother’s sister, Mary the wife of Clopas, and Mary Magdalene.”
Jesus (John 19:25)

Therefore, on the Triumphant Return of the Celestial Thaumaturge to planet Earth—as announced in His Holy Gospel and in His Redeeming Apocalypse, since He will come to “reward each person according to what they have done” (the Good News according to Matthew 16:27 and the Apocalypse 22:12)—those women will enjoy the glory of heading the reception team; they and all those who are capable, through the power of Fraternal Love, to overcome the dangers and not to dishonor the Master, since Jesus has asserted:

“Whoever acknowledges me before others, I will also acknowledge before my Father in Heaven. But whoever disowns me before others, I will disown before my Father in Heaven.”
Jesus (Matthew 10:32-33)

I especially like this meaningful Jewish proverb about mothers:

“God could not be everywhere, and therefore He made mothers.”

Jesus and the Mothers

To conclude, I dedicate to those who honor me with their reading the prayer Jesus and the Mothers, which I wrote as an homage to all those living in Heaven and on Earth:

Oh Jesus!
You who are the Safe Haven for the afflicted,
Hear the voice of the Mothers,
Who lift up to Your Love
The cry of their supplications.

Soothe, Lord, their pains,
For each one of them,
Oh Divine Friend,
Recognizes in Your Heart
Their good destiny;
In Your Holy Will, their strength
That does not let them succumb.
In Your Wisdom,
The Mothers of the Earth and Heaven envision
The education they yearn for their children.
In You, Jesus, when they suffer,
They are sure of the encouragement
The world, in general, cannot offer them,
Because it still has little to give them.
Hear, Heavenly Son of the Holy Mary,
The appeal of maternal hearts,
Because You, Jesus, are the Hope that never dies.
Better than that:
You are the Conviction that does not let them get discouraged.

And so, in You, eternally be it,
Oh Divine Provider of our lives!

Protect, Oh Beloved Mother, the peoples on Earth, guiding them in the direction of the Peace of God!

José de Paiva Netto is a writer, journalist, radio broadcaster, composer, and poet. He is the President of the Legion of Good Will (LGW), effective member of the Brazilian Press Association (ABI) and of the Brazilian International Press Association (ABI-Inter). Affiliated to the National Federation of Journalists (FENAJ), the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ), the Union of Professional Journalists of the State of Rio de Janeiro, the Union of Writers of Rio de Janeiro, the Union of Radio Broadcasters of Rio de Janeiro, and the Brazilian Union of Composers (UBC). He is also a member of the Academy of Letters of Central Brazil. He is an author of international reference in the concept and defense of the cause of Ecumenical Citizenship and Spirituality which, according to him, constitute “the cradle of the most generous values that are born of the Soul, the dwelling of the emotions and of the reasoning enlightened by intuition, the atmosphere that embraces everything that transcends the ordinary field of matter and comes from the elevated human sensitivity, such as Truth, Justice, Mercy, Ethics, Honesty, Generosity, and Fraternal Love.”