The Universe vibrational borders

Here it is the reason for human Science to be so incipient, in spite of the respected efforts of so many abnegate idealists: it is dazzled by the restricted part of the material Universe that it sees. But what about the vastness that it doesn’t see, that it has not yet discovered? We don’t speak here only of the physical Universe, with its galaxies, that it really is amazing: just the Via Lactea, of which we are part, encloses billions of stars... Its greatness is incredible! And the most powerful telescopes, radio-telescopes, reach only a minimum part of this material Universe. The Human Beings and even the Invisible Beings of reasonable spiritual elevation are rightly fascinated... What about the extension they have not yet observed? There it is the water-mark: when we ask what is still there to break, we aren’t referring only to the physical composition of the celestial bodies that wander in space, this material wideness that the greater scientists didn’t research or see in its plenitude.




We speak also of the Invisible Universe, ultra-dimensional, where the Spirits inhabit, that in the evolution phase of the present Humanity, can’t be registered by the somatic eyes and aren’t believed by the earthly Science, most of the time. Amazingly, not by certain religious also, who preach Eternal Life in Heaven, that they don’t reveal where it is... However, when many pioneers start to analyze and study the possible dimensions where the Spirits dwell, some try to depreciate their work. In truth, they are afraid to move forward in the direction opened by the precursors. In a certain way, it is as in the Aesop fable: Vulpen et uvam*1

Tela: Georges Fraipont (1873-1912)
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Herbert Spencer

Herbert Spencer was right when he declared that “there is a principle used as a barrier against any information, as proof against any argument. This principle can never fail to keep Humanity in the continuous and perpetual ignorance. This principle is called: condemn before investigating.”

The conventional science will have to be re-appreciated in order to absorb the many new data gathered by the vanguard science. However, it will include also the recognition of the Spiritual World , not as a result of brain chemistry that would excite the human mind in the illusory region, as this is a very comfortable conclusion, nevertheless as a pluri-dimensional reality, where the prolongation of the Being conscious and active life, in spheres still invisible to the vision sense.

More than 30 years ago, I spoke of the Universe material dimensions matter*2, in view of the Gospel and the Apocalypse teachings: it is cogitated the greatness, the dimension, the physical distances... However the Universe limits can also be vibrational... Man perishes, the body stays... the Spirit, that can’t be confounded with the mind, migrates to the “other” Universe that is not seen... It’s a challenge launched to You, brother listeners, at the discussion table. Science proves a posteriori what Religion intuitively perceived before. The first defines, the second illuminates, when really Religion, and never a sanatorium of taboo and prejudice. The Intuition*3 as we already stated, is always faster.

It is cogitated the greatness, the dimension, the physical distances... However, the Universe limits can also be vibrational... Men passes away, the body stays... The Spirit, that can’t be confounded with the mind, migrates to the “other” Universe that is not seen...

Prophecy does not depend on the calendar

Let us develop our intuition, because the Final Judgement is at the door, as the Saracen warrior, in 1543, at the walls of Constantinople, and everybody will understand that, by the Divine Calendar, the ideal Third Millennium starts with the Apocalypse when it appears the New Jerusalem, prophetized in the Apocalypse of Jesus , 21:2. It doesn’t mean forcefully that it will be on January 1st 2001, of the Gregorian calendar.

The Calendar of God is the Prophecy, which dates are established in Divine Space and Time, in refined syntony with the acts of the Human Beings.

Nostradamus, Eclipse of August 1999 etc.

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Pope Gregório XIII

When speaking of Calendar of God and Prophecies, I remember the prevision of Michel Nostradamus (1503-1566) referring to facts that would occur in the years 1999 and 2000 (concentration of planets in the sign of Taurus in May) of the calendar established by Pope Gregório XIII that ruled the church in the period of 1572 to 1585.

Says Nostradamus:

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“In the year 1999, in the seventh month (July in the Julian calendar, but August in the Gregorian) it will come from Heaven a great King of terror to resuscitate the great King d’Angoulmois; but before and after, Mars will give happiness to the occident weapons.”

In a Letter to Henrique II , he says:

“A sun eclipse (August 11, 1999) will be followed by the darkest and most tenebrous summer, that ever happened, since the creation of the world and the passion and death of Our Lord Jesus Christ, and as of then to this day, that will happen on the month of October, when a great translation will occur with such intensity that men will believe that Earth was projected out of its orbit and thrown into permanent darkness.”

In his letter to his son César :

“(...) the men that come afterwards, aware of the happenings prophetized that were accomplished, will understand those still to happen. At that time, they will understand everything, but only when it arrives the time when ignorance disappears.”

As it is registered on page 73 of the second volume of O Brasil e o Apocalipse*4 (Brazil and the Apocalypse) 7ª edition, 1985, “(...) we don’t recommend the reading of the Nostradamus previsions without reserve” even because he warns the future (and some times shadowy) analysts, in his letter to his son Cesar, that the text “in clear prose and chronological order” of his prophecies will only be found in the last times.” Until today that is not verified.

In the book Somos Todos Profetas (We are All Prophets) we make a small reference to the famous pages of the French clairvoyant, in view of the ardent interest that exists concerning his manuscripts and the proximity of dates (1999 and 2000) of the referred facts, which veracity will be checked in a short time, if the years mentioned by Nostradamus correspond to the calendar valid in most of the Western Hemisphere.

Yet, we must never forget that the Apocalypse is more important than the prophecies of the master of Salon*5.

An eclipse of the sun (August 11, 1999) will be followed by the darkest and most tenebrous summer that ever happened, since the creation of the world until the passion and death of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

*1 Vulpen et uvan (The Fox and the grapes) The famous Aesop fable tells the story of the fox that unable to reach the desired grapes, accuses them of being unripe, although they were ripe.

*2 Universe material dimensions - Recently European scientists discovered that there is an invisible mass that composes great part of the Universe. This matter called “black” or “invisible” led the researcher to conclude that only 10% of the Universe is visible to Man, the other 90% of the Cosmos being formed by invisible matter. This recent find meets the challenge launched by Paiva Netto concerning the theme, analyzed by him for more than thirty years. On December 21st, when he made the Decodificação do Pai Nosso, (Pater Noster Decoding) in Porto Alegre/RS, he reiterated the question to the people present: “Wouldn’t the Universe borders be vibrational?”

*3 Intuition – Intuition is always faster than the human Reason, for it concerns the Divine Reason effect on us. See “Einstein and Intuition” on the third volume of Diretrizes Espiritualistas da Religião de Deus” (Spiritual Guidelines of the Religion of God) page 56, published by the Legion of Good Will.

*4 Brazil and the Apocalypse – Collection by Paiva Netto

*5 Salon French city where Nostradamus lived.

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