João Preda

Paiva Netto

For almost six decades, Paiva Netto has been a notable presence in the area of communication, not only as a protagonist, but also as a great encourager of it. He created the Elevação Publishing House, the Good Will Graphics, the Som Puro Record Company, the Good Will Portal (in addition to countless web pages in several languages), the Super Good Will Radio Network, the Boa Vontade TV, and the Reeducar TV — Education and Future Television Network, the last three of which are broadcast on dozens of radio and TV stations from the north to the south of Brazil.

In terms of printed press he has published countless works, such as the JESUS IS ARRIVING! and GOOD WILL magazines, which are distributed in other countries and their content translated into dozens of languages. All these important media are accountable to present the achievements of the Good Will Organizations (IBVs, in Portuguese) and also the banners for valuing Life and Ecumenical Spirituality.


Paiva Netto had an aptitude for communication from a very early age. It is worth remembering that one of his first contacts with the cause of Good Will was established precisely through a mean of communication, on June 29, 1956, the date that marks the start of his mission in the LGW. With his deep dedication and zeal in carrying out tasks and because of his talent and interest in classical music he began to act as a soundman for the radio recordings of the late founder of the Organization, the journalist, radio broadcaster, and poet Alziro Zarur (1914-1979).

Being in contact with Zarur helped expand his interest in Human Beings and caring for the Spirit even more. Because of Zarur, he also pursued the professions of radio broadcaster in the 1950s and journalist in 1961, when he wrote the article A Recipe from a Young Person for Other Young People on October 8, and presented it on Rádio Mundial (a former Good Will broadcasting station) on October 10. On the 15th of the same month, Alziro Zarur published the article in the Gazeta de Notícias of Rio de Janeiro. For a long time he wrote the bottom part of Zarur’s column in this periodical, as the founder of the Legion of Good Will himself reports. On May 3, 1978, Paiva Netto promised Alziro Zarur that he would gather all the doctrinal content of the LGW and publish it. The late founder of the Legion of Good Will replied, “Paiva, only a great friend could carry out a work of this magnitude. I’m most grateful.” 


Since then he has been promoting campaigns in favor of Life, Fraternity, and all-encompassing Ecumenical Spirituality by way of the written word, taking the message of the Good Will Organizations to far-flung corners of this planet, in important Brazilian and international newspapers and magazines. Today, it is estimated that his texts have already been published in approximately two thousand printed and on-line media vehicles.

For all this work, journalist and radio broadcaster Paiva Netto is considered by many to be “the greatest communicator in Brazil,” as the renowned Brazilian journalist Moacir Japiassu published in the cover report of the Jornal dos Jornais — the press magazine, issue number 17, of August 2000.