Hope Never Dies

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Humanity is experiencing a period of profound changes in the world. Quite unexpectedly, the scenario left by the new coronavirus pandemic has made many of us feel that nothing can be done to help humanity or transform our reality, filling people with  insecurity and fear.

In light of this new reality, how can hope help improve the situation? The answer to this question and to so many others that have arisen during this period can be found in the book “Hope Never Dies”, by the best-selling writer Paiva Netto.

This Thanksgiving, November 25th, Paiva Netto will release the English edition of one of his most important titles, Hope Never Dies. In a digital version, the book takes a new look at hope and explains the nature of this feeling that can be so fleeting and hard to find. Its release could not take place on a better date than on Thanksgiving Day, a day we gather with our communities to remember all of our blessings and renew our wishes for better days.

In a purposeful view of how to react to challenges, the author provides us with numerous resources that can lead us to renewed hope, such as: 

"The Soul needs constant stimulus to the practice of Good Deeds. Why say to the youth that they should not nurture Hope? If noble idealism does not survive, what is left for them? An open field for discouragement. Everyone realizes that in this globalized world, the evil that takes place out there (wherever it may be) may hit us right where we are."

The title of the work — Hope Never Dies! — came about in the 1980s when the author saw a young man on television say that he had lost hope in life. He immediately composed a song to counter this idea, and this cry became known and inspired the countless pages he wrote that have reached the world in several languages.

With his unwavering enthusiasm for good, the author stamped on this work his experience of more than 65 years that have been dedicated to his widely-recognized and remarkable ecumenical and humanitarian work, through a fraternal dialogue with his readers and this call to young people: “Youngsters, never forget you will get old too . . . If you want to keep the flame of Hope alive, the same young appearance, the vigor despite the natural wrinkles of time, and the always beautiful gray hair, practice Goodness. There is no other way. It is the Spirit that strengthens our vigor, that grants us the eternal beauty of congeniality. A clear conscience is the best cosmetic.”

The work, which has been a great success in both its digital and physical formats in Portuguese, has been studied by thousands of readers in over 30 countries. In his fraternal reflections, the author highlights his ultimate role model of hope, which is the unique example of Jesus, God’s Christ, who bequeathed to humanity His example of love, charity and peace, even at the worst moments of pain and suffering.

In Hope Never Dies, the reader will find an indispensable companion in the journey toward hope, comfort, and spiritual enlightenment.

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