Making Universal Solidarity shine in people’s hearts from the point of view that music divinely inspired is also God, the synonym of Love, Paiva Netto became the classical music composer that most sells in Brazil at present. His recorded phonographic work has reached the mark of 5 million copies sold. All this musical talent, including the cession of copyrights, is in the service of the LGW’s goals, which include, amongst other themes, an incentive to cultural manifestations that foment and valorize the Human Being and his Eternal Spirit and exhort the fraternization of nations.

The Som Puro Record Company bets on the success of the composer’s recent work: the CD that bears the prayer O Mistério de Deus Revelado (The Mystery of God Revealed), whose sales have exceeded 500 thousand copies, in this way winning another Platinum Record. The work presents parts destined to a choir and a large orchestra and it innovates by substituting the traditional recitals with narratives of passages of the Gospel and of the Apocalypse of Jesus, alternated with choir choruses.

Vanderlei Pereira, the conductor responsible for the orchestration of The Mystery of God Revealed, affirms that the work is of universal reach and, especially, of interest to listeners who wish to feel the presence of a superior energy by means of music. And he concludes, "The CD is excellent. It is worthwhile listening to it!”

Paiva Netto’s first musical success goes back to the beginning of the 80s when he launched Negrada – Jesus, o Grande Libertador (Negrada – Jesus, the Great Liberator) as homage to the people of Bahia, with sales of 100 thousand copies, an unprecedented conquest in the genre of classical music (concert music). As a producer, he accomplished a great deal of success with LPs of prayers, selling 2.5 million records.

Paiva Netto’s melodies stand out for their ecumenical form, simple and original way of approaching spiritual themes, from erudite to popular. It is what we hear on the CDs Sinfonia Apocalipse (Apocalypse Symphony) (work in partnership with the conductor Almeida Prado), and Suíte Aquarius – A Dança dos Mundos(Aquarius Suite – Dance of the Worlds), that in its turn, invites us to a time in which nations and races may pacifically live together, without prejudice, under the harmonious inspiration of Christ.

The two symphonic pieces were recorded on the native land of Pancho Vladiguerov; the first by the Choir and Orchestra of Bulgaria’s National Radio Station, and the second by the Sofia Chamber Players Orchestra.

The compositions of the president of the LGW received praise from conductors, composers and famous music critics like Dorival Caymmi, Ricardo Cravo Albin, Francisco Mignone, Isaac Karabtchevsky, Ricardo Averbach, José do Espírito Santo, Hélio Rosa, and the Bulgarian Alexander Yossifov (with whom Paiva Netto wrote a concert for piano and orchestra).